Written during a month of writing a song a day, Autumn 2010.
Inspired by Susan Diamond at Phoenix Fire, August 2010.


(song #26 from the Song A Day Project, 10/15/10)

What distracts me from my creativity?
What distracts from my intent?
The garbage truck backing up in the street
The whoosh of air from heat vent
Children playing in the yard next door
Plopping of plums from a tree
Chaotic convulsions of my monkey mind
But nothing, really

What inspires me to bring a song to life?
What keeps me on the path?
A blooming garden, the soaring of a kite
The peal of a young child's laugh
A headline in the daily news
The beauty I see in your eyes
The wondering if I see true
But everything, really

copyright DJ Hamouris 2010