Indian Summer: Music & Reflections by Deborah “DJ” Hamouris


Available in: Spiral-bound, PDF eBook format, or as a package with both hardcopy and download included!

Includes: 24 titles, 10 originals, 9 duets, 1 trio & 10 songs. Notes for each tune. Reflections on performing, starting again, practicing, being a late bloomer, composing, arranging, practice tips and inspirational quotes!

Downloadable recordings of each tune & part!

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Indian Summer

Music & Reflections 

by Deborah “DJ” Hamouris

24 unique, ancient, and contemporary tunes for standard mountain dulcimers including duets & songs with online audio tracks!

Table of Contents

Alice (duet)
Ashokan Farewell (duet)
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (duet)
The Cherry Tree Carol (duet)
The Cooing Cave*
Fantasia on “A” String (duet)*
Fleur of Northumberland
Gathering Peascods
Good King Wenceslas (duet)
The Green Man (duet)*
Indian Summer (duet)*
Jenny Pluck Pears (trio)
Jenny Pluck Pears (solo)
Lamento di Tristano DAC
La Rotta DAC
The Light of Life*
Lilliburlero DGD
On Christmas Day*
Nottamun Town DAC standard & GDF baritone
The Red Rocks of Sedona*
Silent Night (duet)
Song of the Wandering Aengus*
Vance No More
Welcome to Annwfn*


Living a creative life is its own reward. The moments of joy, springing out of discovery, revelation, shifting perspective, and growing confidence, inform the next step in life. Witnessing students’ struggles and joys is often so moving, my tears flow. It’s a beautiful life, and I’m grateful.

Our current culture is stressful, emphasizing success, accomplishment, and sleep deprivation above relationship, a calm home, and beauty. Many see that a change is needed in both family life and workplaces. Those beaten down by three jobs and juggling the bills have little space for reflection and creation for its own sake.
People who find the dulcimer, and are enchanted by its sweet sound and its ease in making music, find me. Together, we discover their creative path. My job is to nurture and encourage their new steps into creativity. No right, no wrong, using curiosity to move through uncharted territory.

The possibility of being in the flow of a new strum, a new tune, a new sound — this is my meditation, my yoga. And I love to share it, helping students find their own way to it.

To those who think they’re buying a(nother!) book of dulcimer tablature, this is that. However, as I was compiling this music, I found I had much to say about my time with dulcimers. Skip the stories, or come back to them when you will. There’s some technical info in them.

Connection gets lost in modern culture.

May music help you connect to your world more deeply.

Deborah J. Hamouris

TABlature Samples

Song of the Wandering Aengus*

Audio Sample

Good King Wenceslas (pt 1)

Audio Sample

Good King Wenceslas (pt 2)

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