Baritone Dulcimer Explorations


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Online via zoom w/DJ
6 Mondays, 3/6-4/10/23 1-2:15pm Pacific/4-5pm Eastern
Baritone Explorations

It’s time to explore our Baritone Dulcimers together! Each class will cover different topics: general musical literacy; fretboard basics (the notes, linear & box scales, I iv & V chords in D, G & A); locating D & A tunes in AEA tuning; learning tunes written or arranged specifically for baritones; accompanying songs with chord progressions; etc. We will explore answers to your questions as they arise and you’ll end up with more knowledge, more experience, and more music for this most resonant member of the mountain dulcimer family.

Class materials (tab, chord charts, scales, resources) & recordings are provided each week.

You will need a baritone dulcimer for this class, preferably with 1.5 & 8.5 frets installed. Feel free to contact me about choosing one. Email:

You will receive your zoom link and class materials one week before the class starts.

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