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A celebration of our lovely, resonant baritone dulcimers!

Teachers: DJ Hamouris, Steve Eulberg, Thomasina Levy, Larry Conger

Event Date: Saturday, 11/12/22

Event Time: 7am – 3:30pm PDT | 8am-4:30pm MDT | 9am – 5:30pm CDT | 10am – 6:30pm EDT

What you get:

4 classes, handout packet in advance, Q&A session with instructors, networking/social time with other players, faculty concert, videos of all classes & concert.

Cost: $150  (Registration opens 10/1/22)

Scholarships are available. Email DJ for Details:


Opening Forum:  Baritone Dulcimer Forum
7am PDT | 8am MDT | 9am CDT | 10am EDT
Moderator: Ashley Ernst

Class 1: Baritone Dulcimer Explorations - Thomasina Levy
8:15am PDT | 9:15am | MDT 10:15am | CDT 11:15am EDT
The rich tones of a baritone dulcimer will expand your repertoire to more keys. You will gain the confidence of how to convert a DAD tune to a baritone GDG or AEA or BF#B tuning. Chord charts for various baritone tunings will be provided. You will also learn new songs to bring to your dulcimer club/ensemble. Come tuned to AEA.

Lunch Social
9:30am PDT | 10:30am MDT | 11:30am CDT | 12:30pm EDT
Social time in zoom with host Erin Mae Lewis.

Class 2: Comparing and Using Familiar Chord Shapes – Steve Eulberg
10:45am PDT |11:45am MDT |12:45pm CDT | 1:45pm EDT
We will compare the familiar 1-5-8 and 5-1-5 (AEa and ADa) Chord shapes (which relate to DAd and DGd, respectively) on a Baritone dulcimer. After familiarizing ourselves with these shapes, we'll apply them to some common chord progressions that show up in songs.

Class 3: Baritone Repertoire – DJ Hamouris
12:00pm PDT | 1:00pm | MDT 2:00pm | CDT 3pm EDT
More tunes! Original compositions and a song arrangement, all created specifically for the baritone. Each can be played as a solo, but backup parts are included for either a second baritone or a standard dulcimer. AEA tuning

Tea time! Social time on zoom
1:30pm | PDT 2:30pm MDT | 3:30pm CDT | 4:30pm EDT

Class 4: Baritone & Standard Duets – Larry Conger
1:00pm | PDT 3:00pm MDT | 4:00pm CDT | 5pm EDT

Closing Concert
3:30pm PDT | 4:30pm MDT | 5:30pm CDT | 6:30pm EDT
Sets performed by each of the instructors

Hey, guess what?Concert tickets can be purchased on their own!For only $15 each!


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