Baritone Dulcimer Day NovemberNov 11 2023 08:00am - 06:00pm America/Los_Angeles


A celebration of our lovely, resonant baritone dulcimers!

Teachers: DJ Hamouris, Debbie Porter, Butch Ross, Stephen Seifert

Event Date: Saturday, 11/11/23

Register now! Registration Ends 11/4

Event Time: 8am – 4:30pm PDT | 9am-5:30pm MDT | 10am – 6:30pm CDT | 11am – 7:30pm EDT

What you get:

4 classes, handout packet in advance, Q&A session with instructors, networking/social time with other players, faculty concert, videos of all classes & concert.

(Full schedule when registration opens.)

Cost: $150  - REGISTER HERE

Scholarships are available. Email DJ for Details: deborahj@djhamouris.com


Stephen Seifert

How to Use the Baritone to Back Up Mountain Dulcimer Players

I'm going to show you how to use a baritone dulcimer in AEA or GDG tuning, with and without a capo, to back up mountain dulcimer players who are playing in different keys using the DAD tuning. I spent a lot of time backing up David Schnaufer and Lloyd Wright using these same methods. My focus will be on chords that don't get in the way, walking bass lines, doubling the melody, harmony, and more.  


DJ Hamouris

Two Early Music Tunes in Minor Tuning

A couple of old tunes to add to your baritone repertoire! Ballo di Mantua, a 17 C. dance piece, moves between major & minor. One could say it’s in A melodic minor with chromatic moments. Lamento di Tristano, a medieval tune, is in Dorian mode (one of the minors for A). It came into popularity via John Renbourne’s recording in 1970. Either can be flat-picked or fingerpicked. There are many opportunities to include hammers, slides, and pulls. Try plucking or strumming the 3-string chords to find the sound you like best. In AEG tuning (analogous to DAC). 1+ fret needed.

Butch Ross


Not only do I find the Baritone dulcimer easier to retune than a regular dulcimer, I find that it really lends itself to different tunings. We're gonna explore common tunings and how to use them to open up new notes and ideas. AEA, ADA, GDG and GCG will be all explored and discussed, with instruction on how to find your way quickly in and BACK out of those tunings. And we'll also do some weird stuff too. 


Debbie Porter

The Baritone as a Duet Partner

The baritone is a great partner for you as a singer. No fears whether or not you feel you have a fabulous singing voice, the sweet baritone will assist! Joni Mitchell said that even out of tune voices should be welcomed. Because of the lower register of the baritone, it provides a rich backdrop to your playing and singing and then can allow you to take a solo mid-song.  Come learn how to create a beautiful friendship in this workshop designed to build your repertoire and your confidence. At least one arrangement will show how the baritone can actually provide the harmony notes to your voice. 


Opening Forum:  Baritone Dulcimer Forum (1 hour)

8am PST | 9am MST | 10am CST | 11am EST
Moderator: Steve Eulberg

Class 1: Stephen Seifert  (75 minutes)

9:15am PST | 10:15am MST | 11:15am  CST  | 12:15pm EST

Lunch Social (75 minutes)

10:30am PST | 11:30am MST | 12:30am CST | 1:30pm EST
Social time in zoom with host Erin Mae Lewis

Class 2: DJ Hamouris (75 minutes)

11:45am PST |12:45am MST |1:45pm CST | 2:45pm EST

Class 3: Butch Ross (75 minutes)

1:00pm PST | 2:00pm | MST 3:00pm | CST 4pm EST

Tea time! (30 minutes)

2:15pm | PST 3:15pm MST | 4:15pm CST | 5:15pm EST

Social time in zoom with host Erin Mae Lewis

Class 4: Debbie Porter (75 minutes)

2:45pm PST/ 3:45pm MST | 4:45pm CST | 5:45pm EST

Closing Concert (1 hour)

4:15pm PST | 5:15pm MST | 6:15pm CST | 7:15pm EST
Instructor performances

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