The Green Man by The DulciMates

The DulciMates are Deborah “DJ” Hamouris and Buffalo: two mountain dulcimers and two voices, creating beautiful four-part harmony together. In the spirit of the season, they offer two Holiday songs and five other traditional and traditionally-inspired tunes. Lovers of Celtic music and traditional ballads will delight in the sweet sound of these American folk instruments. "The Green Man" includes instrumental tunes as well as carefully-crafted vocal harmonies and a reading of Yates’ "The Song of the Wandering Aengus" accompanied by solo dulcimer. In addition, here are two original tunes (“The Cooing Cave” and “Fantasia on ‘A’ string”) and the title cut: a setting to music of William Anderson’s “The Green Man”.

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Indie musician heaven!


A unique voice, new songwriter, a little mountain dulcimer & exquisite guitar come together to create a genre-defying album. Deborah "DJ" Hamouris combines with veteran jazz guitar player Mimi Fox for a combination of Jazz, Blues & Folk styles. From the creative cauldron of the San Francisco bay area, these two musicians inspire and become inspired by one another in music both new & old.

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Moonrise: Songs of Love, Magic & Other Mysteries

MOONRISE: Songs of Love, Magic & Other Mysteries Moonrise is Deborah "DJ" Hamouris, Robin Dolan & Denise Castleton. Together they weave harmonious spells with this collection of songs. A cappella arrangements are interspersed with guitar, Appalachian dulcimer and percussion. These original, traditional and Neo-Pagan favorites range from hearty songs you'll sing along with, to thoughtful ballads you'll listen to and remember. Many of these songs are written by many well known authors &composers;in the pagan community, such as Starhawk, Anodea Judith, Ian Corrigan, Gwydion Pendderwen, Ruth Barrett, Amber K, plus some songs we just liked the spirit of, and of course, some originals by Moonrise members.

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Gaia's Voice: The Chorus of Life

Gaia's Voice, once a well-known Pagan chorus in the San Francisco Bay Area, performed on the West Coast for many years at festivals and gatherings. This is our first recording from 1990, and features founder Deborah Hamouris as choral director. The album includes both original sacred music and some re-written hymns from the Christian tradition. It is a wonderful album, and though Gaia's Voice is no longer with us, I hope other Pagan choruses will soon appear. Titles include: Gaia Speaks, The Chorus of Life, Stand Up for the Earth, Angel of Bells, Morning, Thank You for This Life, Unorthodoxology, Goddess/Water Medley, Pan, Metamorphosis, One With Our Mother, The Magic Wheel, Star Spangled Pagan buy this CD at CD Baby

Welcome to Annwfn

Deborah & Rick Hamouris & Friends: Siblings Deborah and Rick Hamouris picked up in 1986 with this recording where the late Gwydion Pendderwen had left off when a car accident took his life four years prior. Welcome to Annwfn was available only on cassette until Rick remastered this Neo-Pagan classic in late 2001 and reissued it on CD in 2004. Along with such friends as Anodea Judith and Buffalo, this collection of songs and chants remains a favourite among Pagans all over America with such standards as the title cut, "We Are a Circle" and "Horned One." No Pagan music collection is complete without this CD!


Let It Begin Now: Music From the Spiral Dance

These 11 songs and chants from Reclaiming's Spiral Dance ritual are played in both a capella and full choral styles, with dance-inducing instrumentals. Includes vocals by Suzanne Sterling, Deborah Hamouris, Susan Falkenrath, Anne Hill, and Max Ventura. A ritual in itself, this tape captures the magic of Samhain.

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Songs of the Goddess Presents: A Pagan Music Compilation

From blogger Draeden Wren:

The music you will hear on Songs of the Goddess Presents: A Pagan Music Collection is from: Jenna Green, Wendy Rule, Celia, Avalon Rising, Kenny Klein, Deborah "DJ" Hamouris, Amelia Hogan, Sharon Knight, Damh the Bard, Vanessa Cardui, Laura Powers and Bell, Book & Canto. You'll find old songs, new songs and even a couple of as-yet-to-be-released songs!

Please download it as often as you want . . . It's completely FREE. There are no strings attached here. You get a great and diverse collection of brilliant music without any adds, subliminal messages, or interruptions whatsoever. Tell your friends about it, spread the word.

Within this zipped file you will find 12 beautiful songs by 12 beautiful artists. A biography (pdf) where you can learn about the artists you may not know but become instant fans of (with links to their sites) and an album artwork (for people who like artwork on their iTunes) created by the incredible Karen Ranier!

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Witch's Brew

Songs and Chants from the Reclaiming Cauldron This beautiful compilation features recent songs by a dozen Reclaiming teachers and musicians. A virtual "greatest hits" collection, this CD is a musical journey through Reclaiming's many facets. The selections range from traditional Reclaiming chants, to meditational instrumentals, to classic three-minute pop songs. Some of these artists you'll know from past recordings. Others you'll be hearing for the first time. Among the artists are Beverly Frederick, Brook, Crow, Danielle Rosa, David Miller & the Honky Tonk Communists, Evelie Delfino Sales Posch, Evergreen Erb, Green & Root, Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney, Moonrise, Skyclad, Suzanne Sterling, and T. Thorn Coyle.

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Best of Pagan Song

At last, there truly is a "greatest hits" album of the past 30 years of Pagan music! Here are the songs that have shaped the current resurgence of Pagan spirituality. Exclusive re-mastered tracks include the long-lost original Burning Times recording and several other rare musical gems from Gwydion Pendderwen, Catherine Madsen, and Velvet Hammer. The songs have been culled from literally hundreds of albums produced by Pagans since the 1970s, and feature popular musicians Gypsy, Todd Alan, Wendy Rule, Emerald Rose, Avalon Rising, and many more. They tell our history, and also chart the evolution of our thought and belief. What makes these songs Pagan? They may be about the ancient nature religions of the European continent, they may deal with themes such as life after death, being Pagan in a Christian world, or encountering figures from the Spirit realms. With extensive liner notes detailing the importance of each track and the artist who created it, this inspiring collection is a must-have for any Pagan music fan.

Snapshots - Preview

Snapshots - Preview is a small taste of the full album to come -- think of it as page one of a scrapbook. Vocals & originals by Deborah Hamouris, guitar licks by Mimi Fox, with one deep cover from John Prine's songbook. Four little jewels. CD Baby

1 in 8

DJ Hamouris, songwriter, vocals, mountain dulcimer
Mimi Fox, arranger, co-writer, guitar
Dan Feiszli, acoustic & electric bass
Michaelle, Goerlitz, percussion
Joe Goldmark, pedal steel guitar
Beth Baugh, harmony vocals

Breast cancer happens to 1 in 8 women annually. In 2015, I became one of them. This is my story in song – my fear, shame & anger; my gratitude, hope and compassion; even humor played its part in my healing. 1 in 8 expresses the message that creative response to a cancer diagnosis is one way through the fears, challenges, ravages, anxieties of treatment. 

Jazz guitarist Mimi Fox, a sister-survivor, joins me in collaborating on these songs, driving them into arrangements that bring true expression to each song’s meaning.

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