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Indian Summer Tunes

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Online Zoom Event

Indian Summer Tunes Intermediate level and up 4 Tuesday mornings, 9-10am PDT $25/class; $100 for 4 classes; $120 for 4 classes + book digital download

Each week you'll learn one or more tunes from the book "Indian Summer." You can sign up a la carte or for the entire series.

11/3/20 - Ashokan Farewell -- Jay Ungar's popular waltz, which he wrote in the key of D (just for dulcimer players, I'm sure).

11/10/20 - Lamento di Tristano, an anonymous 14th Century Italian tune in DAC.

11/16 - Song of the Wandering Aengus - an original, fingerpicked tune full of arpeggios and magic.

11/24 - Vance No More & On Christmas Day -- 2 fiddle tunes, one traditional (and crooked!), and one original. Capo required.

REGISTER by sending your fees to http://www.paypal.me/deborahhamouris1

Include which classes you are registering for and if you're also ordering the digital book. Confirmation and zoom link will be sent after payment.