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Deborah "DJ" Hamouris: News

2nd CD in 2012: The Green Man! - December 5, 2012

How crazy am I? Crazy enough to make sure that the OTHER side of me, the trad folky one, has a CD as well as the jazzy, bluesy singer-songwriter side of me.

THE GREEN MAN is the first CD by The DulciMates (Buffalo and I) and we're pretty proud of our circular calling-card!

It is NOW AVAILABLE ON CDBABY.COM in both Digital and Physical form! You can get it here:

Of course, you can also pick it up in person at The Dickens Christmas Fair, either at the Patterson & Sons store or from us directly at our gigs (see calendar).  $10 a pop for this brilliant Christmas ornament of an album.  

Merry Christmas, Welcome Yule & Happy Hannukah to all here! ~ Deborah Fortunate Cookie

PantheaCon Report - February 20, 2007

P-Con was wildly successful this year for everybody I talked with. Vendors, presenters, attendees -- all seemed to have a great time.

Each of the workshops, concerts & rituals I attended were filled to the gills and enthusiastically received. I'm told there were 2500 people there, and I believe it.

Circlesinging was the first workshop I presented on Saturday from 11am-12:30. There were at least 50 singers all eager to participate. Tho my own voice was suffering from the end of a cold, their voices and inspiration kept me going for the 90-minute workshop. After our first circlesong I was sure there were a bunch of ringers there -- such good voices and great listeners. We all had a great time.

I went to very few other presentations, but wouldn't have missed the Crossroads Magic panel with RJ Stewart, Raven Grimassi & Orion Foxwood. These three teachers really know their traditions and spoke extemporaneously and intelligently about thier traditions and the confluence of lore concerning the Crossroads. Entertaining and informative -- my favorite kind of workshop.

Then I heard Holly Tannen & Ruth Barrett in concert -- the other two Pagan Divas with Dulcimers! Holly started out with several verses of "That Old Time Religion", which had us all laughing. And Ruth's voice and new songs were marvelous to hear in person. She's a real treasure and a personal inspiration.

On to Sunday, when my husband, Buffalo, and I took in a workshop on hypnosis with Donald Kraig. Here's another teacher who is full of infomation but doesn't take himself seriously. It was fun to put the face to the name after shelving his books while working at Shambhala Booksellers for all those years.

That evening I participated in the ritual "Brigid's Forge/Brigid's Well" with a talented and experienced crew of priest/esses -- about 35 of us in all. My singing partner, Robin Dolan, was a co-creatrix and musical director. I felt honored to portray/aspect/embody Brigid of the Well for the ritual. Many people were in tears while we were all in sacred space -- it was so moving and healing.

Then, after a quick grounding with dinner(!), it was off to meet with the core members of the Spark Collective to bring our monthly fire circle to life for P-con participants. Our little team put the (too small!) room together in 25 minutes, including 5 altars (no flame allowed -- what a challenge). Then we opened the doors to about 200 people! Overwhelming, or nearly. But the energy was sweet and deep, the drumming grounding and inspiring, the words & chants just right in the moment. I especially liked the one-time-only chant that said "making magic in the DoubleTree!" Spontaneous inventions abounded, and we ended around 2am.

Monday's Women & Song workshop was also very well attended, much to my surprise. Many people stayed later than in previous years, so we had about 35 women warming up, singing & moving together for 90 minutes. They were beautiful in song & spirit and raised my tired bones up to their level.

It was all beautiful, fun, moving & validating. Many of my various CDs went out into the world, which feels great, too.

Now, back to chopping wood & carrying water.

Bright Blessings,

New Site & PantheaCon - February 15, 2007

Hello, out there!

I'm procrastinating packing for PantheaCon and -- Oh, Boy! -- here on my list is "publish website". Yesssss . . .

So here's the new site, (in)complete but with music clips from Moonrise (my women's folk trio), The Nomadics (a jazz band) and some solo voice & dulcimer tunes.

Check the calendar for my PantheaCon workshops and let me know you did -- that'll make me hug you ;-)

If you're looking for info on Women & Song, I've got a couple of rehearsals listed in my calendar. We meet every Thursday nite at my home in Honorary South Berkeley (otherwise known as North Oakland). Drop a note if you wanna come sing with us witchy women.

In the meantime, the suitcase beckons, CDs gotta get counted & that list has more items to be crossed off.

Here's wishing each of you a day filled with music & inspiration!

In harmony,

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