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Deborah "DJ" Hamouris: Bio

Wow. You're reading my bio. I'm flattered!

Mostly, I just want to make music, you know? Always have. Played piano at 5, sang wherever I could all my life, both my mom & brother are musicians -- it's in my blood, I guess.

These days I'm enjoying getting deeper into whatever song I'm singing. Jazz is a great way to do that, but so are some of the sponteaneous chants I do with the Spark Collective every month. Also, the Child Ballads -- classic folk songs from England & Scotland -- have such universal themes that it's easy to bring truth to them.

What would you like to know? Got a BA in Music in 1998. I teach Mountain dulcimer at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, as well as privately at home. Voice, too. Many performances are for senior residential facilities of all kinds around the Bay Area. Choral conducting is something I keep returning to, right now with Women & Song.

Besides performing as a soloist, I'm part of The DulciMates with my husband, Buffalo (who introduced me to the mountain dulcimer oh so many years ago).

Recordings? Let's see, self-produced ones are:
Welcome to Annwfn, with Rick Hamouris (big bro!)
The Chorus of Life, Gaia's voice w/me directing
Moonrise: Songs of Love, Magic & Other Mysteries

Serpentine Music Produced:
Let It Begin Now, Starhawk & Reclaiming
The Best Of Pagan Song (compilation)

Reclaiming produced:
Witch's Brew (compilation)

Check out the links & calendar for more recent info.

And thanks for reading this far ... Really!